“To me, beauty is looks you can never forget. A face should jolt, not soothe.”  John Waters

Lizzee Solomon was born in New York City and grew up outside of Chicago. From an early age, she was inspired by underground comics, The Hairy Who, and 90s cartoon shows. Lizzee earned a BFA in Studio Art at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA in 2011. She is currently based in Pittsburgh, and exhibits in the mid-Atlantic region. Lizzee also self-publishes Mutual Paradise, a comic zine, and exhibits at regional independent comic expos.

“I believe in art that is vibrant and accessible. This has led to me work in a wide variety of media, including painting, sculpture, illustration, and comics using traditional and new tools. In my art practice, the process is simply the means to an end. I make objects for enjoyment and eyeball exercise. Subjects that interest me are women, food, tropical motifs, hair, and kitsch. My aesthetic is twisted and bold – a reflection of how I view the world. I make art for everyday people’s everyday lives.”

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